Reign of Terror is a dystopian, drama, thriller, suspense, supernatural horror series created by Anthony Tapiz in 2014, and it is currently being expanded upon for a much dramatic story. The story mainly focuses on a girl named Savannah Johnson, as she goes through a horrific journey after discovering she has supernatural powers to destroy life, getting kidnapped by a human-hating cult known as The Order of Kasah, and leading a small rebellion to save humanity from extinction.

In late 2015, a short theater play version of the series was created for Anthony's Drama Club at school. Due to the huge amount of violence in the series, much of the story had to be toned to a "PG" rated play for younger audiences. The play starred Anthony Tapiz (as Zack), Jacob Castillo (as Martin), Zazil Sosa (as Savannah), Richelle Rodriguez (as Sally), Maya Carrisales (as Otto), Nathaniel Rodriguez (as Dan), and Keighly Alvares (as Alice). The Reign of Terror play became a huge success, and became an "audience's favorite." The play won "Best Playwrite 2016" at a Ceiba Arts Award Ceremony.

The following year, Anthony created a 12-part LEGO Stop Motion series of Reign of Terror. The mini-series mainly foucsed on the ending of Reign of Terror, while going through some short flashbacks a character's past events. All 12 episodes can be found on Anthony's YouTube Channel, SCDude1999, and has become a popular series.

In 2017, an upcoming LEGO Stop Motion film is to be released under the name "Rise of The Resistance of Terror." This film will go over the origins of The Resistance of Terror. Anthony Tapiz and Richelle Rodrguez reprised their roles from the play, while Jacob Castillo plays Jonathan, and Zazil Sosa plays Alice Rose. The film will also star Katie Tapiz as Savannah, Alexis, and Leslie. Yomara Ocampo was later cast as Cally Sanders during the middle of production.

Plot Edit

Savannah Johnson is a depressed and lonely child who gets kidnapped by The Order of Kasah, an evil cult that hates all of the humanity based on The Island of Kasalanan. While held captive, Savannah learns she has telekinetic powers that come from the cult's god, Kasah. The leader of the cult, Lord Martin Kramar, wants to use Kasah's powers to destroy all that is good and evil that has turned the world into a cruel place, and it is up to Savannah to prevent such a terrible catastrophe. In response, Savannah helps form The Resistance of Terror, a small rebel army that opposes Martin's leadership. Together, the Resistance of Terror will work together to stop The Order of Kasah from eradicating all life on Earth and leave Kasalanan forever.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Reign of Terror was inspired by classic films such as "Hellraiser", "The Exorcist", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Cannibal Holocaust", "A Clockwork Orange", "The Hunger Games", "The Shinning", and "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom".

Originally, the series was supposed to revolve around the character Sally Sanders, who gets kidnapped by Martin, a canniablistic serial killer. This idea was scrapped due to the massive amount of sexual violence. The series was also going to be called "Cannibal Monster", but due to copyright issues, the name was changed to "Reign of Terror" as a way to symbolize the already exsisting terror and corruption around the world. The Order of Kasah was reponsible for the increasing worldwide corruption.

Characters Edit

  • Savannah Jonhson- The main protagonist who's in possession of Kasah's life-destroying powers. Savannah is also Marco's girlfriend, and Marco's sister.
  • Otto Grey Kramar- Martin's son, and Savannah's boyfriend to survive Kasalanan
  • Marco Johnson- Savannah's brother
  • Zack Roman- Leader of The Resistance of Terror
  • Alexis Reyes- Secondary leader of The The Resistance of Terror, and Commander Skull's daughter.
  • Dan Alonso- A member of the Resistance of Terror, and Alice's boyfriend.
  • Alice Rose- Martin's former sex slave who befriends Dan, and later escapes with him. She later joins The Resistance of Terror.
  • Cally Sanders- A member of The Resistance of Terror. Martin gouged Cally's left eye out for fun. Cally is Sally Sander's older sister.
  • Sally Sanders- A member of The Resistance of Terror, Trevor's love interest, and Cally's sister.
  • Trevor Green- A former servant to Martin until he defected to The Resistance of Terror with his lover Sally Sanders.
  • Bart Coleman- A member of The Resistance of Terror, and the strongest one, too.
  • Leslie Claudette- A member of The Resistance of Terror who wants revenge against Martin for making her life miserable.
  • Rocky Solomon- A member of The Resistance of Terror who wants revenge on Martin for cutting his left hand off.
  • Lord Martin Kramar- The leader of The Order of Kasah. He used to be a Soviet Scientist who created a powerful serum to control others. As leader of The Order of Kasah, Martin will do terrible things in order to destroy all of the humanity.
  • Commander Skull- A Military Leader for The Order of Kasah. He is Alexis' father.
  • Jonathan- A loyal soldier to Martin, and leader of The Kasah Death Gang.
  • Lukaya- A member of The Kasah Death Gang that wears white face paint, and smears blood on her face.
  • Christine- A soldier of The Kasah Military, and Commander Skull's favorite cadet.
  • The Faceless Walker- Martin's loyal bodyguard.
  • The Raven- A demonic entity that assists Savannah on her training to control Kasah's destructive powers.
  • Kasah- A supernatural being and founder of The Order of Kasah. Kasah has telekinetic powers that can destroy life, but they were later taken away from him after he was killed by Arvin Tagalog.
  • Arvin Tagalog- A powerful sorcerer who kills Kasah, and takes his powers. He is Savannah's ancestor.

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